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The Giants Move On After Holding Off the Reds

After allowing the tying run to come to the plate for what seem like the thousandth time following their 6-run 5th inning punctuated by Buster Posey’s grand slam, the Giants’ Sergio Romo stranded runners on first and second by getting Scott Rolen to strike out swinging. This followed an epic at-bat vs. Jay Bruce who fouled off a tonne of pitches before finally flying out to left. The Giants will wait to face the winner of St. Louis and Washington.


A’s walkoff on Coco Crisp’s single; Force Game 5 with Tigers

A great game likely to be overshadowed by Raul Ibanez’ heroics for the Yankees. The A’s came back to tie the game in the bottom of the 9th after having stranded two runners in the 8th. An error by Fielder and a wild pitch by Scherzer cost the first run which should have set up Stephen Drew in scoring position but he was signalled to third and was gunned down at third with plenty of time as Miguel Cabrera blocked third perfectly.

The Tigers tacked on an insurance run but it wouldn’t be enough. A leadoff single to Josh Reddick in the 9th and doubles to Josh Donaldson and Seth Smith would tie the game. After a foul out and strikeout, Coco Crisp came up and smacked one into right that scored Smith to win the game.

Travis Snider Robs a Home Run

In the wake of the Shi Davidi’s three-part series on Travis Snider’s time with the Toronto Blue Jays, the young grilled meat enthusiast demonstrated one of the reasons the Jays might regret dealing him for Brad Lincoln.

Tao of Stieb probably summed the event up best in this tweet:

Even if the Jays manage to win the Snider trade, there is no denying after watching that catch that Snider still has the tools to be an above-average MLB regular. His defence has improved leaps and bounds from his debut at 20 years old when he was expected to hit his way into the Majors.

After reading Davidi’s pieces, I became more forgiving of AA’s decision to move Snider and this catch has not shattered my trust in the least.