Stoeten: Johnson and Buck Speak!

Andrew Stoeten recapped the radio interviews with newly-acquired Josh Johnson and John Buck at The Score (“Johnson and Buck Speak!“). Josh Johnson joined Miami’s Dan Le Batard Show and Buck joined the Jeff Blair Show to provide their reaction to the big trade. Johnson sounded like was legitimately excited to move on though he did well to suppress the urge to lash out at the Marlins.

Hopefully someone will let Johnson know the difference in the taxes he’ll pay will only really result in a difference of $700,000 which would be less costly than a move to New York or California. Though not having to pay a state tax would be appealing as a multimillionaire, it sounded like Johnson was happy that the Jays would be a fielding a “really good team up there”. It also sounds like he’s getting positive reviews of the city, the organization and the fans which should help ease the transition for him and his family.


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