Kiley McDaniel on Osuna, Smoral at Fall Instructs

Kiley McDaniel of FanGraphs had the first of a series of reports on the fall instructional league in his post “Reports From Instructs: Toronto Blue Jays (Pt 1)“. He takes an extended look at Roberto Osuna (a 2011 IFA who reached the college-heavy Northwest League at at age 17) and Matthew Smoral (a 2012 prep pick who dropped from the middle of the 1st-round because of a stress fracture in his foot).

He writes that Osuna was much improved in the 4 months that separated his sightings while he received professional instruction. Though he lacks projection to his already mature frame, McDaniel writes that his stuff would make him the top arm in this year’s prep class if he were eligible. He currently projects to be a #2/3.

Though a little older, the 6’8″ Smoral has a lot more projection left in his frame and could also wind up as a #2/3. He’ll likely add more velocity than Osuna at their peaks but his command and control currently lag behind.


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