Brewers’ Marcum: Blue Jays ‘are on my list’ –

Brewers’ Marcum: Blue Jays ‘are on my list’ –

Shaun Marcum spoke with Jeff Sammut recently and revealed that the Brewers had not contacted him in regards to an extension and that he expects to hit the open market this offseason. On his time with the Blue Jays and the prospects of returning when he hits free agency, Marcum was quite positive: “They’re on my list that’s for sure,” he said. “I enjoyed my time there, I loved the city, loved the coaching staff, so it’s definitely a place that I would be interested in.

2011 29.5 Milwaukee NL MLB 33 200.7 3.54 3.84 3.97 35.7% 17.6% 0.264 19.2% 6.8%
2012 30.5 Milwaukee NL MLB 16 97 3.53 3.99 3.74 33.7% 20.7% 0.278 21.8% 7.8%
MLB Total 49 297.7 3.54 3.89 3.89 35.1% 18.6% 0.269 20.1% 7.2%

Marcum enjoyed modest success in his two seasons with Milwaukee but was quite ineffective in the 2011 playoffs when he admitted that he was tired. An injury in 2012 limited his innings but he was still able to be rather effective. If he were to return to the AL East and the SkyDome, it’s far from clear whether the soft-tossing flyball pitcher would be able to maintain the success he’s enjoyed in the soft NL Central. At 30 years of age, he’s still relatively young but could lose his effectiveness quickly as his stuff declines.

Marcum sounds like he rather enjoyed his time with the Blue Jays organization and in the city of Toronto and could be open to a more team-friendly deal than he could attain on the market. If he were to sign for 2 years for ~$18-20 M range, it would give the Jays a quality piece that would make a potent option in the back end of the Jays’ rotation. Alex Anthopoulos expressed a desire to acquire a quality starter early this offseason in order to signal to the players that the team is serious about competing next year and Marcum may fit the bill. If Marcum’s signing is used as a catalyst to acquire one of the glittering prizes of this offseason (Greinke, Peavy), the Blue Jays’ rotation would change from being its biggest weakness to possibly be its greatest strength.


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