Knobler: Jays had 9 scouts at E-Jax’s final 3 starts

This is not news for anyone who follows the Blue Jays as AA is known to take a look at everybody available. In years past, the Jays have watched the market in case someone’s cost dropped to what the Jays believed they were worth. This coming offseason, Anthopoulos has signaled that the Jays will be active trying to improve their starting rotation and they could be willing to ‘overpay’ in order to meet certain needs. Though not the highest echelon of starters, Edwin Jackson and Anibal Sanchez are quality pitchers capable of pitching 200 innings annually. That they have been heavily scouted by the Blue Jays may mean the team is intent on making a splash this offseason.

Whether the team is seriously going to make a run at one or both or simply doing its due diligence is unclear. Scouting of big name pitchers happened after the 2011 season too and its unclear whether the Jays even made a serious bid on anyone.


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