Interview: Alex Anthopoulos with TSN’s Mike Richards

AA spoke with Mike Richards of TSN Radio and did not say much more than he already has this fall. The team has needs in the starting rotation and it will look to address them first either through free agency or trade. The rest of the off season could hinge upon the team’s success in acquiring a quality piece for the rotation early in the sweepstakes and therefore the team will be uber-aggro as the market opens up.

Speaking about the off-season, the GM is eager to get going, explaining that the front office “had a meeting this past week, just with respect to free agency, and also trade scenarios. There’s no doubt about it, the first domino to fall for us is to add to the starting rotation. We have needs beyond that, but it starts there, and if that does not get done, we’re not going to go anywhere. So that’s got to get done, one way or the other. We’ve looked pretty hard at the free agents– we’ve done some comparisons and so on– we’ve tried to see where we might line up with teams in terms of trades, and who might be available. There’s a few names that are out there that are available that aren’t out in the mainstream media– because obviously clubs want to keep that quiet. So, that’s really the first thing that we’re going to try to get done fast– if we can be aggressive, and get one starter in some capacity early, that would be great. You can’t dictate the time frame, but we’re definitely going to try to move fast.”

It will be interesting to see if the Jays actually do acquire an under-the-radar name when the market opens or if AA was merely positioning in order to retain some leverage with this year’s class of free agent starting pitchers. After all, he’s basically declared the Jays are willing to pay, even overpay, for starting pitching this offseason (though he doesn’t believe he’s said too much because he felt like it was pretty obvious).


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