Anthopoulos’ end of the season news conference

Gregor Chisholm’s coverage of Alex Anthopoulos’ season-ending news conference in which he discusses the team’s need for “quality” starting pitching, the ability to target a wider variety of players this offseason including free agents, the increased payroll that will be available, the ability to overpay for a free agent when it meets a specific need, and the need for a high on-base/good contact bat to complement the power hitters currently on the roster.

North of the Border

Here is Alex Anthopoulos’ final news conference of the season. I apologize in advance for a typo here and there. I wanted to post this tonight but also have articles in the works for the main site but it has been a bit rushed. Instead of waiting any longer, though, he’s Anthopoulos:

Top priority this offseason?

“The starting rotation. A lot of where our team goes is going to be predicated on what we do with the rotation, it’s clear we have needs there, especially with the guys that were injured, they are not going to be ready for the start of the year or even the middle of the year. That’s definitely going to be a major area of our concentration in the off-season.”

Leadership an issue?

“It could be a combination of things, people define it in so many different ways, there are so many examples of it…

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